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Sport Guards

A mouth guard should be a top priority in your child’s list of sport equipment. A vacuum-formed custom-fitted mouth guard from our office is your child’s most comfortable and best protection against sports-related injuries.

We’d be happy to prepare a custom sports guard to protect your child.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

You should not wear a sports mouth guard at night. It doesn’t serve the same purpose as a mouth guard specifically designed for teeth grinding and could even cause damage to your teeth.

Rinse the mouthguard in soap and warm (not hot) water after each use. Allow it to air-dry. Disinfect the mouthguard from time to time with a mouthwash. Keep the mouthguard in a well-ventilated plastic storage box when not in use.

We recommend you visit your sports dentist to replace your mouth guard after every season or every six months. Research shows that mouth guards become less effective when they lose their thickness. This is because there is less protective material to absorb external impact and protect your teeth from injury.