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Do Kids in Surrey have a Dental Decay Problem?

Very commonly experienced by children, dental decay is becoming a big problem for kids aged four to six in British Columbia. This is evidence of poor dental health.

The dental health of tens of thousands of kindergarten-aged children in almost 500 neighbourhoods around B.C. has been assessed by the provincial government since 2006. Looking at this data, it was estimated that close to 50% of lower-income children suffered from some form of tooth decay. That said, almost 30% of children in other, wealthier neighbourhoods still showed signs of poorer than recommended dental health.

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The parameters for dental decay looked at included fractured teeth, broken enamel, and other signs of general cavity-causing decay around the outer layer of the teeth. Since the study has been conducted, further data has been collected by the government. Unfortunately, besides the Fraser Health region (which saw an increase in the proportion of neighbourhoods where 40% of children had decay), things are only improving slightly despite warnings by dentists in all neighbourhoods.

Among these neighbourhoods affected, it is sad to say that Surrey ranks as a “concerning” area. But all hope is not lost. With more initiatives in education and promoting dental health (SuperChefs), the tide can turn in the other, better direction. Public schools are the best resource for this, educating children on the negative consequences of eating too much sugar or drinking too many sugary beverages. More than that, meal systems can be revamped with healthier options for children, and parents can be educated as well so that these habits can penetrate the household as well.

Of course, the importance of having regular dental checks is also without question. Under the BC Healthy Kids Program, here is where subsidy options for lower income families can be a huge help. The program can cover up to $1400 of basic services every two years if you are eligible. It is all about knowing what is out there and how you can take advantage for the benefit of your children. With the establishment of these new initiatives, it is certain that Surrey children will see an improvement in their dental health.

If it has been a while or you are simply worried that your child may have signs of tooth decay, make an appointment with one of our excellent Dentist at Surrey Place Dental Group in the Surrey area today. Your child’s situation can be easily assessed and the right measures taken immediately.

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