General Dental Services

Impressionless Dentistry

If you’ve ever been to the dentist for a nightguard or a crown, you’ve probably had a dental impression done, which traditionally involves biting into a tray full of goop that can be uncomfortable and messy. Many people struggle with these impressions if they have a strong gag reflex or have breathing difficulties. However, the future of dentistry can eliminate all of that. At Surrey Place Dental Group, we utilize an intra-oral 3D scanner that can do away with physical impressions and make your visit that much more comfortable. If a scan is needed, the dentist or CDA will use a small camera on a wand to take a series of pictures of your teeth that are then instantly converted into a digital 3D model. This can be used to fabricate mouth guards, crowns, dentures, and even clear aligners to straighten your teeth.