Surrey Place Dental Group at Central City in Surrey BC is pleased to offer dental plans by HealthSmart Financial Services to our patients.

surrey dental financial help

Assisting families in achieving their health goals today
No interest equal payments program for 6 months!

 Amount Financed

  6 Months

  Interest Rate

  $3000.00  $500.00 per month   0%
  $4000.00  $666.67 per month   0%
  $6000.00  $1000.00 per month   0%
  $8000.00  $1333.33 per month  0%

You may prepay or pay in full without any penalty at any time. No interest will be charged if at least the minimum monthly payment is paid on time and the balance is paid in full by the end of the promotional period.

*** Only for Treatment $3000.00 plus