In Bhasker’s spare time he enjoys volleyball, squash, and is an avid golfer.

Dr. Bhasker Thakore

Dr. Bhasker Thakore graduated from UBC Dentistry and is a former faculty member at UBC. Dr. Thakore, together with Dr. Mehta, have established a foundation at UBC which funds a Dental Residency program and charitable works in Vietnam, Haida Gwaii, and in East Vancouver. In addition, Dr Thakore is a founding member of the Thakore Charitable Foundation — a foundation that acknowledges students and individuals whose work, time and philosophies reflect the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings of tolerance, non-violence, and social justice.


  1. Sergio says:

    Very warm and pleasant place. All staff especially Dr. Thakore with his assistants are relentless professionals. If you have any questions they are more than happy to explain anything you ask in full detail in a way you will fully understand. Surrey Place Dental is my choice. You should make it yours as well.

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  3. Terry says:

    Have been to this office several times over the last few weeks. The staff is always so friendly and greets you warmly. Yes, they really do care that you are there! Having had lots of dental work done over the years, I can honestly say that I’ve never had a better staff or friendlier people. The price is always discussed up front and they take lots of different insurances. I had gotten a referral from a friend and I sure hope that all of my friends take my referral for a full service dental office. Dr. Thakore is definitely a super dentist!

  4. Janet says:

    Surrey Place Dental has always been my go-to for dentistry. Their office is welcoming and friendly and they are always willing to work with your schedule as much as possible. They send reminders before your appointment, which is helpful – especially if you booked it 6 months before and forget to put it in your calendar. I’ve been going to Surrey Place Dental for the last 5 years, and always had a great experience. I go twice a year and Dr. Thakore and his team are amazing and I highly recommend them for any dental needs.

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